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Making your words work

Walker Language Consultancy lets you make your words work in any language. Established in 1990, we have been successfully meeting the translation needs of companies large and small for three decades. Our diverse client base encompasses organisations ranging from leading listed companies and financial institutions to top advertising agencies, cultural institutions and small- and medium-sized enterprises.


The transcreation specialist

Producing added-value translations requires in-depth knowledge of the cultural and linguistic context. Small nuances make a huge difference. This is why Walker Language Consultancy has developed the concept of transcreation that involves translating not only words, but above all ideas. We capture the core of your message to create a text in another language that conveys the same power of expression, emotive strength and core values as the original source text. This gives you the power to communicate with consistently high impact around the world. 




Walker Language Consultancy provides translations to and from all Western European, Eastern European and Scandinavian languages. Our expertise in translation spans the spectrum from financial and legal texts to creative content. We have particularly extensive experience in translating a variety of corporate content including annual reports, presentations and press releases. Our work for advertising agencies covers a wide array of texts including advertisements, pay-offs, commercials and outdoor. We understand that some things cannot wait until tomorrow and that’s why we make your deadline our deadline. So when time is of the essence, we go the extra mile to ensure we meet even the most stringent timelines.


Editing and proofreading

Walker Language Consultancy’s editing and proofreading service raises your texts to a higher level and ensures they are ready for publication. Our editors all have language-related university degrees and have intricate knowledge of the target language. They consequently have the skills necessary to carefully check texts to ensure proper spelling, grammar, style and tone of voice. Do you need a final copy check prior to publication? Our proofreaders will ensure that the text is error-free and ready to go to press. Walker Language Consultancy frequently leverages this linguistic expertise to compile complete style guides and manuals for clients. 


Multilingual press coverage service

Walker Language Consultancy’s press coverage service provides your organisation with strategic added value. The service entails providing early-morning summaries in English of articles about your company or a pending transaction,  merger or acquisition published in foreign language newspapers. This daily service gives you the competitive and strategic edge of knowing precisely what the press is writing about your company and the tone of the coverage. This enables you to respond in a targeted fashion and conduct effective reputation management. The service can be expanded to include the same-day provision of full translations of key articles and interviews


Best-in-class translators

Walker Language Consultancy’s translators are native speakers of the target language who have a passion for language and the written word.

They have acquired far-reaching specialisation and experience in a particular field, such as legal, marketing, advertising or financial communications.

Walker Language Consultancy works exclusively with carefully selected best-in-class translators

Far-reaching expertise

We understand both our business and yours. Walker Language Consultancy's translators gain an in-depth understanding of the identity, background and interests of our clients. Our translators go beyond words. They know the ins and outs of the sector and have mastered the specialised terminology. This expertise means we can present your message professionally and univocally across multiple countries and languages.


Fast service

International business operates 24/7. So Walker Language Consultancy understands that your day doesn’t stop at five o’clock. That’s why we have capacity in place to ensure that we can fulfil your multilingual communication needs even when time is pressing. We also guarantee that speed never comes at the expense of quality. 

Working method

Clear price quotations and delivery schedules

Walker Language Consultancy has the expertise and capacity necessary to handle projects of all sizes. Simply call or e-mail us with your request and we will swiftly send you an itemised price quotation and clear delivery schedule.


Streamlined process

We know our translators and know the areas in which they excel. This enables us to match the text with the right specialist. Walker Language Consultancy designates a dedicated team of translators for recurring and ongoing projects. Your translation coordinator is your single point of contact for the entire project from requesting a price quotation to completion of the project.


Optimum end result

Each and every translation is carefully checked and proofread before delivery. One of our experienced editors checks the text and ensures proper style, tone of voice and terminology usage. The translator and editor work in close consultation to produce an end product that is ready for publication. Walker Language Consultancy compiles lexicons for all its clients to ensure proper terminology usage. This enables us to guarantee that you can communicate consistently across all languages and media. 


Please complete the contact form if you would like to find out more about our services or request a price quotation. We will contact you shortly to provide a price quotation or set up an appointment. All your documents will naturally be treated with the utmost confidentiality. 

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